Exciting Opportunities for Students

Start your career with DHL

You are a student and you want to gain first-hand experience in a global company?

Welcome to DHL!

We offer you lots of opportunities (e.g. our international internships) to gain initial experience in the real world of a global company and thus take the first steps towards your professional future.

We support ambitious talents looking to start their careers with us through our different career programs.

In addition, we assist potential management trainees in preparing Masters or Doctoral theses.
After graduation, this can be followed up by participation in one of our graduate programs, which will optimally prepare you for the challenges of the international, fast-paced environment of the logistics industry.

AIESEC Internship Program

The GROW Corporate Graduate Program

The DHL Graduate Programs

Learning & Development Opportunities

As part of your professional development, we offer you a broad range of further-education courses & programs that provide you with skills and knowledge necessary to ensure your success in your working environment. This includes training opportunities in various expert and operational knowledge & skills, leadership, soft skills and management techniques on mylearningworld.net, our online learning portal.

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